Friday, 23 July 2010

Bean enchiladas (3 colours)

Olive oil - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1, chopped
Garlic - 2 cloves, crushed / finely chopped
Green pepper - 1, chopped into small pieces
Jalapeno peppers - 1 dessert spoon (or less if preferred), finely chopped
Dried pinto beans - 85g, soaked overnight
Dried butter beans - 85g, soaked overnight
Chopped tomatoes - 400g can
Passata - 225g
Flour tortillas - 4
Cheddar cheese - 50g, grated

1) Cook the beans in separate saucepans as per the instructions on the packets.
2) Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Fry the onion and garlic for five minutes. Add the cook beans and mash slightly. Add the chopped tomatoes, green and jalapeno peppers and cook for 10 minutes.
3) Add a quarter of the mixture to each tortilla, roll up and place in a baking dish, seam-side down.
4) Pour the passata over the tortillas (sprinkle with a little cayenne pepper if you want them a bit more spicy) and then top with the cheese. Cover with foil and place in the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes. Serve with salad. Serves 2.

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