Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas recipes

I'm very excited because it's almost December and for the first time I have a wonderful big kitchen to do lots of Christmas cooking. We're also only heading North for a couple of nights this year so we'll be spending more of the festive period at home.

There are so many Christmassy recipes that I want to try. I know I won't have time to make even half of these, but at least I can look back at this blog when the festive season comes round again.

Savoury recipes:
Pomegranate stuffing
Carrot and cashew crisp with hot lentil salad
Clementine, feta and leaf salad
Aubergine and goat's cheese parcels with cranberry sauce
Canape crackers
Pine nut and carrot roast
Citrus and pomegranate salad with chilli-honey dressing
Leek and cranberry caerphilly strudel

Sweet recipes:
Stollen wreath
Candied walnuts
Tropical Christmas pudding

Gingerbread cookies

Snow-topped cupcakes
Yule slice
Lime and cranberry bread and butter pudding
Gingerbread cupcakes with clementine buttercream
Winter fruit salad
Sparkling cranberries
Snowy clementine cakes
Meringue roulade
Minty chocolate cookies
Gingerbread house
Mulled wine

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  1. Normally home-made beats bought hands down but I don't think I shall ever bother trying to make stuffing again. I have found some of the packet ones are so good (and cheap). You can get just about every combination of herbs and fruits.
    Just vreading the titles of your recipesw has made me want to stuff myself - the carrot and cashew crisp sounds yummy.