Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cous cous salad with beetroot and goat's cheese (3 colours)

Orange - juice of 1 large
Water - 100 ml
Cous cous - 140 g
Cooked beetroots - 4 small (~230 g), chopped into quarters or eighths
Goats cheese - 64 g, chopped
Walnuts - 25 g, chopped into large pieces
Spinach - 2 handfuls (~40 g)

1) Place the cous cous in a large pyrex bowl.
2) Heat the orange juice with the water in a small pan. When it begins to boil remove from the heat and pour over the cous cous. Leave for 5 minutes and then fluff up with a fork.
3) Mix the other ingredients into the cous cous and serve warm or cold. Serves 2.

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