Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Baked feta with tomatoes (2 colours)

This makes a lovely lunch, served with crusty bread.

Olive oil - 0.5 tbsp
Garlic - 2 cloves, finely chopped
Chilli flakes - large pinch
Dried oregano - 1 tsp
Plum tomatoes - 2 x 400 g tins
Feta cheese - 2 x 200 g packs

1)  Heat the oil in a saucepan. Add the garlic and cook for a couple of minutes.
2) Add the chilli flakes, oregano and plum tomatoes and stir. Simmer for 30 minutes until thickened.
3) Break the feta into large pieces and place in an ovenproof dish. Pour over the sauce and bake at 200°C for 20 minutes. Serves 4-6.

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