My list of dishes to cook

I got the idea of making a list of dishes that I want to cook from the brown eyed baker. The list is very general so although I may only try one or two recipes for lemon meringue pie in my lifetime I'll probably make dozens of different ice creams. I've only written 'completed' next to those that I've both cooked from scratch and blogged.

What's really surprised me in making the list is not how many traditional / common dishes I've not made, but how many of the desserts I've never even eaten. How can I have gone over 30 years without ever having tasted baked alaska, creme brulee, pecan pie, treacle tart, jam roly poly, tarte tatin...? Clearly I've got some cooking to do.

If anyone has any ideas for dishes to add to the list I'd greatly appreciate you leaving a comment (the majority of meat dishes can be made vegetarian).

  1. Boston beans
  2. Bubble and squeak
  3. Burgers Completed with red bean burgers
  4. Burritos Completed with sweet potato and black bean burritos
  5. Cannelloni Completed with spinach and ricotta cannelloni
  6. Chilli Completed with vegetable chilli
  7. Curry Completed with bean spinach and cashew curry
  8. Enchiladas Completed with bean enchiladas
  9. Fajitas
  10. Gnocchi
  11. Goulash
  12. Gumbo
  13. Lasagne Completed with roasted vegetable lasagne
  14. Lentil loaf Completed with lentil and cashew loaf
  15. Macaroni cheese Completed with macaroni chilli & cheese
  16. Moussaka Completed with vegetable moussaka 
  17. Nut roast Completed
  18. Pasties 
  19. Pilau Completed with vegetable and cashew pilau
  20. Pizza
  21. Ratatouille Completed with Louisiana ratatouille
  22. Ravioli 
  23. Risotto Completed with pumpkin, bean and tomato risotto
  24. Shepherd's Pie Completed with lentil and vegetable shepherd's pie
  25. Spaghetti bolognese
  26. Stuffed peppers Completed
  27. Sweet and sour
  28. Tagine Completed with butterbean and cherry tomato tagine
  29. Toad in the hole Completed
  1. Beetroot Completed
  2. Black bean Completed
  3. Butterbean Completed with butterbean and tomato soup
  4. Butternut squash Completed with butternut squash and apple soup
  5. Carrot
  6. Cauliflower
  7. Celery 
  8. Chilli Completed with chilli bean, pepper and tomato soup
  9. Leek and potato Completed
  10. Lentil Completed with red lentil and tomato soup
  11. Minestrone
  12. Mulligatawny Completed
  13. Onion Completed, but I didn't like it at all so didn't post the recipe
  14. Parsnip
  15. Pea Completed with pea and garlic soup
  16. Peanut Completed with sweet potato and peanut soup
  17. Potato Completed with potato, tomato and garlic soup
  18. Pumpkin Completed with pumpkin and pear soup
  19. Sweet potato Completed with sweet potato, pepper and pumpkin soup
  20. Tomato Completed with tomato and chilli soup
  21. Tortilla Completed
  22. Tuscan bean Completed
  23. Yellow split pea Completed
Side dishes and others:
  1. Baked cheese
  2. Cauliflower cheese Completed with cauliflower tomato cheese
  3. Cole slaw
  4. Dhal Completed
  5. Dumplings
  6. Falafel Completed with baked felafel
  7. Gorditas
  8. Guacamole
  9. Houmous
  10. Rosti
  11. Salsa Completed with roasted vegetable salsa
  12. Vol-au-vents 
  1. American pancakes Completed
  2. Belgian waffles 
  3. Breakfast muffins
  4. Buckwheat pancakes
  5. Cinnamon roles
  6. Corncrakes
  7. Cranberry pinwheels
  8. Drop scones
  9. Granola
  10. Latkes 
  11. Muesli
  12. Scotch pancakes
  1. Bagels
  2. Barmbrack
  3. Brioche
  4. Chapati
  5. Ciabatta
  6. Cornbread
  7. Croissants
  8. Crumpets
  9. English muffins
  10. Flatbread Completed with Navajo flatbreads
  11. Focaccia Completed with red onion and rosemary focaccia
  12. French baguette
  13. Hot cross buns
  14. Malt loaf
  15. Naan
  16. Nut loaf
  17. Pitta
  18. Sour dough bread
Biscuits and cakes:
  1. Angel cake
  2. Bakewell tart
  3. Battenburg
  4. Black forest gateaux 
  5. Blueberry buckle 
  6. Boston cream pie
  7. Brownies Completed with black bean and walnut brownies
  8. Bundt cake
  9. Caribbean rum cake
  10. Carrot cake
  11. Currant squares
  12. Doughnuts
  13. Energy bars Completed with date, cranberry and almond bars
  14. Flapjacks
  15. Ginger biscuits Completed
  16. Ginger cake Completed
  17. Iced buns 
  18. Jaffa cake
  19. Lamingtons
  20. Lemon drizzle cake Completed
  21. Macaroons Completed with coconut macaroons
  22. Madeira  
  23. Madeleines
  24. Marble cake
  25. Mince pies 
  26. Moroccan serpent
  27. Muffins Completed with orange and cranberry muffins
  28. Parkin
  29. Pineapple upside-down cake
  30. Pound cake
  31. Scones
  32. Shortbread
  33. Stollen
  34. Swiss roll
  35. Victoria sandwich
  1. Apple charlotte
  2. Apple pie
  3. Baked alaska 
  4. Baked apples
  5. Banana split
  6. Banoffee pie 
  7. Brandy snaps
  8. Bread and butter pudding
  9. Chocolate fudge cake
  10. Chocolate mousse
  11. Creme brulee 
  12. Crumble Completed with rhubarb crumble
  13. Figgy pudding
  14. Fruit cobbler
  15. Fruit salad Completed with winter fruit salad
  16. Ice cream Completed with mango ice cream
  17. Ice cream bombe
  18. Ice cream sundae
  19. Jam roly poly
  20. Jam sponge pudding Completed with jam and coconut sponge pudding
  21. Lemon meringue pie
  22. Lemon souffle
  23. New York Cheesecake
  24. Pavlova
  25. Pecan pie
  26. Peach pie
  27. Plum pudding
  28. Pumpkin pie
  29. Rhubarb and strawberry pie Completed
  30. Rice pudding
  31. Roulade 
  32. Sorbet Completed with blackcurrant sorbet
  33. Spotted dick
  34. Sticky toffee pudding
  35. Strudel
  36. Summer pudding
  37. Tarte tatin
  38. Tiramisu
  39. Treacle tart
  40. Trifle Completed with black forest trifle